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Guitar Beginners

Course Overview

“Music es un Voyage” - connect to the music within you!

Bring your guitar to this fun and inclusive learning environment for both acoustic and electric guitars. 

Receive support and structure to build the foundations of music with the guitar, in an ensemble learning environment suitable for all players, from complete beginners to intermediate. 

Students will progress towards preparing and performing a repertoire of songs as an ensemble, specially arranged by Luis with individual parts for both beginner and advanced players.

Music choices are based on popular choices from the group, andl reflect the mix of ages and interests, from jazz to contemporary rock.

The beginners and continuers groups run for 1.5 hours each, but cross over in the middle: 

Beginner players start at 9am

- In the first hour with Luis, you are introduced to the basic positions and posture, learning the notes, chords and rhythms. The course content and teaching are easy to follow and accommodates complete beginners to those with a basic knowledge of the guitar.

From 10-10:30am, the class becomes an immersive, ensemble musical experience, applying the basic techniques you have learned through preparing and performing as an ensemble with the continuers group.

Continuing players join the group at 10am 

- For a half-hour session as a full ensemble, before the beginners finish at 10:30am. [Continuers are those students who already know the key positions, chords and basic tablature reading (level 2 beginners to intermediate)].

Please note: Luis will contact you on signing up to this class, to find out your previous level of experience, if any, and ensure you are placed in the right group. As well as your experience level, the dynamics of the group who sign up in each term may also affect whether you are better placed within the beginner or continuer groups, so a little flexibility with your start time may be required.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Rhythm concepts. Right hand techniques. Tablature reading

Week 2: The 5-note scale. Left hand techniques. Improvisation concepts

Week 3: The 5 main major chords. The 3 chord songs repertoire practice.

Week 4: Minor chords and the “4 Magic chord progression” repertoire.

Week 5: Repertoire song 1. Student's choice. We’re going to start preparing one of the songs of the course. Full arrangement: Melody, chords, rhythm.

Week 6: Song 2 introduction (students choice). Applying all the concepts learned in this second new song: Melody, rhythm, chords.

Week 7: Bar chords introduction. Repertoire song 1 and 2 practice.

Week 8: Repertoire songs 1 and 2 practice.

Week 9: Warm-up, rehearsal and little performance with video recording.

Term Dates

Term 2 runs from Saturday 27 May to Saturday 22 June

Term 3 runs from Saturday 20 July to Saturday 14 September

Term 4 runs from Saturday 12 October to Saturday 7 December


"The guitar classes were great. Luis is a very talented teacher, patient and encouraging the students to improve.I would love to continue with his classes."

"Have already booked for a term 3.    I so enjoy the Saturday classes with Luis.  This is at least my fourth year. Really great."

Materials List
  • An acoustic guitar with new strings and a guitar pick. 
  • A folder and music stand if you have one. 

Music is a journey of connections; between musicians and listeners, through time and across the world. Visit the links below to see the journey Luis has been travelling to connect with other musicians. 

“Music es un Voyage” - connect to the music within you:

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