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Choir Singalong

Join our Open Day Free Event!

Have you ever wanted to give singing in a group a go?

Join us for a special choir singalong to 'warm up' our open day, led by the wonderful Christina Mimmocchi, our Monday night Choir tutor. 

Whether you're a seasoned vocalist or someone who simply loves to sing in the shower, this is the perfect opportunity to come together and experience the joy of sining with others.

Christina will lead us through a selection of uplifting tunes, for all to enjoy.

Don't miss out on this chance to discover the magic of singing in a group – come along and let your voice be heard!

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Christina Mimmocchi

About the tutor

Christina Mimmocchi

Christina is a passionate and inclusive choir leader who has been working with choirs for more than 25 years. She is especially interested in folklore and the way we connect with history and culture through songs. She also enjoys with community choirs to encourage people to find their voice and sing for confidence, community, and to fill the room with music. She performs in various guises including with the vocal trio The Third Voice.

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