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Middle Eastern Vegan Class

Course Overview

If you’re on a vegan diet and haven't yet ventured into the land of Middle Eastern food, you're missing out big time! 
Middle Eastern Vegan Cooking Class is perfect for someone who is on a plant-based diet, or for someone who likes to give it a try.  
The Middle Eastern diet is naturally loaded with vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes. Many traditional dishes are naturally vegan or can be easily adapted to be without animal products. Additionally, Middle Eastern cuisine makes use of a lot of herbs and spices to create bold and complex flavors. 
The cuisine features a lot of healthy and nutritious ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, beans and fresh vegetables and herbs. Making it a great choice for anyone looking to eat a healthy and balanced diet. 
Dishes are included in the class: 
  • Fasolia Bi Zeit
  • Stuffed onion
  • Shorbat Adas
  • Egyptian Koshari
  • Baklava cheesecake 
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Ashraf Saleh

About the tutor

Ashraf Saleh

Hello, I’m Chef Ashraf Saleh. I grew up in a Middle Eastern family, enjoying food cooked by my mother and grandmother. From an early age, I learned how exciting and flavourful dishes from my heritage could be, using herbs and spices to create interesting flavours. I discovered how to observe, smell, and taste food along the way.

I want everyone to appreciate what I grew up understanding: that herbs and spices enhance the flavour, colour, and fragrance of food. Just a bit of spice or some fresh herbs added before serving can transform everyday ingredients into an appetising and aromatic meal.

After many years working around the world as a chef, I opened COYA restaurant in Sydney in 2016. COYA presents simple, modern Australian cuisine with a Middle Eastern twist, exploring unique, interesting flavours and spices in a relaxing and warm atmosphere. In 2019, I published my first cookbook, **COYA French Middle Eastern Cuisine**, and in 2022, my second book, **Ash’s Spice Journey**, was released.

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