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French Intermediate

Course Overview

This intermediate French course is designed to equip students with the language skills necessary to effectively communicate in various real-life scenarios.

Students will engage in interactive activities and role-plays to further improve their proficiency in spoken French.

This course will focuse on practical situations such as social gatherings, shopping, healthcare, and professional interactions.

The course structure consists of five key steps:
  • Dialog Study: Analysing and understanding dialogues relevant to each scenario.
  • Grammar Focus: Exploring essential grammar points to enhance language fluency.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Learning a curated list of vocabulary relevant to real-life situations.
  • Expression Recap: Reviewing and practicing the main expressions needed for effective communication.
  • Role-Playing and Dialogue Reproduction: Engaging in role-plays and exercises to simulate real-life scenarios and practice conversational skills.

Throughout the course, students will primarily work on role-playing activities to simulate real-life interactions. Emphasis will be placed on developing practical communication skills and cultural awareness to navigate French-speaking environments confidently.


By the end of the course, students will have gained proficiency in French language usage within various contexts, enabling students to confidently and fluently communicate in everyday situations.

Course Breakdown: 

Week 1: Conversation: on holidays – making or changing a reservation (hotel, restaurant or cab)“. Vocabulary and gram points: telling the time, dates and hours; conjugations: “le conditionnel present”.

Week 2: “Faire des compliments” about a pet / an outfit / an apartment. Gram point: “l’exclamation”/ “les adjectifs positifs”.

Week 3: Small talk with a colleague waiting for the elevator, meeting a friend in the park or a neighbour at the shops. Gram point: usage of “on” and “nous”.

Week 4: Inviting friends for a dinner / sending invitations and thank-you emails / chosing the menu / welcoming the guests. Gram point: “le conditionnel présent”.

Week 5: Positive / negative feed-back about a show, a person, a house renovation. Gram point: “la nominalisation”; “place de l’adjectif”.

Week 6: Talking about shopping, catering, coffee shop / patisserie, luxury purchases (perfume, make-up, evening gowns). Gram point: “l’interrogation directe / indirecte”, “la comparaison”.

Week 7: Daily interactions: making a phone call / emails (jargon). Gram point: “verbes semi-auxilliaires”; “les pronoms personnels compléments ”.

Week 8: Recap and conversation: students to choose the topics.

Term Dates

Term 2 runs from Monday 6 May to Monday 24 June

Term 3 runs from Monday 22 July to Monday 9 September

Term 4 runs from Monday 14 October to Monday 2 December

Materials List: 
  • For this class, we will work with the book “Communication progressive du Français ” / Niveau intermédiaire / Édition Cle International.

    Please note, students will not need to purchase the book (unless they want to) – photocopies for each lesson will be provided.

  • Please bring a pen and paper to make notes


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