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French Beginners: Level 2

Course Overview

Take the next step in mastering French by enrolling in our Beginners Level 2 course!

Progress from foundational skills to practical conversations, building confidence and fluency for your ongoing language journey.

Spanning 4 terms, each lasting 8 weeks, our program is designed to meet the needs of all levels of students, from beginners to those looking to improve their conversation skills.

With a focus on helping you speak the language confidently and without hesitation, our experienced instructor, Thouraya will guide you every step of the way. From the basics of the alphabet to a full understanding of the language's intricacies, our curriculum is both comprehensive and engaging. With dedication and attention, learning French can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Beginners 2 course is suitable for students who have completed the Beginners course or have a basic command of French. 

The course will contain 5 steps

- A dialog to study

- A point of grammar

- A list of vocabulary

- A recap of the main expressions to be use in different situations

- Practicing and reproducing their own dialogues

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Conversation: greetings and introducing yourself and others (at work and between friends). Gram point: “verbes reflexives”; “lexique de la famille et des proches”.

Week 2: Conversation: on the phone, sms and email (French jargon). Gram point: verbes “vouloir” and “pouvoir”; numbers 60-99.

Week 3: Conversation: at the train station – buying tickets, asking for directions. Gram point: “l’interrogation” and “l’impératif”.

Week 4: Conversation: booking a hotel room, checking in, getting around the hotel. Gram point: prepositions for direction and location”.

Week 5: Conversation: what do we do tonight?. Organising an outing (restaurant, show). Gram point: verbes “prendre” and “aller”; schedules/calendar.

Week 6: Conversation: going shopping and sightseeing with friends. Gram point: prepositions “dans” and “sur”.

Week 7: Conversation : “Bon appétit” – different types of restaurants in France :“café”, “bistro” “brasserie”, “bar”; food jargon. Gram point: “verbes “j’aimerais”, “je voudrais” and “je prendrais”.

Week 8: Conversation: at the gym – giving and receiving instructions. Gram point: course recap.


By the end of the eight-week program, students can expect to have developed a solid foundation in French. This includes the ability to engage in basic conversations, construct grammatically correct sentences, introduce themselves in French, and comprehend simple conversations.

Our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience, empowering them to communicate in French confidently.

Materials List: 
  • For this class, we will work with the book Grammaire Progressive du français - Niveau Débutant by Maia Grégoire - Cle International Please note, students will not need to purchase the book (unless they want to) – photocopies for each lesson will be provided.
  • Please bring a pen and paper to make notes




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