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France Unveiled: A Traveller's Workshop

Course Overview

France is the first-choice holiday destination with a lot to explore, experience, savor and enjoy!

France is a country that is rich in culture and history, arguably produces the best wine in the world, is famed for its cuisine, renowned for its art and loved for its cobbled streets, lavender fields, the Eiffel Tower, cheese, glorious boulangeries and daily fresh produce markets and a whole lot more!

France is set against a rich backdrop of stunning coastlines, majestic mountains and glorious countryside.

We will discover the everyday details of being a visitor in France, especially in Paris – such as using the Metro Parisien, taking a taxi, exploring the key sites, ordering a coffee, understanding a French menu and asking for information in simple words in French!

Nathalie will also give you names of the oldest restaurant in Paris for wine and food degustation, the oldest and glamorous Tea room and Patisserie since 1903 and many more…

And discover the origin of French Etiquette, l’Art de vivre (the Art of living) et la Joie de vivre (the Joy of living - ‘’Let yourself be caught up in the present and bask in the joy of each moment’’).

Gain tips in creating your own itinerary, booking the fast train (the TGV), looking at accommodation options and how to get along with a few French language skills.

Gain the confidence to travel through La Belle France!

A bientot! See you soon!

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