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Linedance Improver

Course Overview

Ready to take your line dancing skills to the next level?

LineDancing Improver is designed specifically for students who have completed the beginners Line Dancing course and are eager to further refine their techniques and learn more advanced choreography.

In this course, you'll build upon the foundational steps learned in the beginners course, exploring more intricate patterns, footwork variations, and syncopated rhythms. Emphasis will be placed on mastering transitions between moves, improving coordination, and enhancing your overall dance style and confidence on the dance floor.

Led by experienced instructors, LineDancing Improver offers a supportive and encouraging environment where you can challenge yourself, socialise with fellow dancers, and enjoy the energising rhythms of line dancing.

Please note that this course is exclusively for continuing students who have completed the beginners Line Dancing course and are ready to elevate their skills to the next level.

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Patricia Sparks

About the tutor

Patricia Sparks

I have been teaching linedancing for the past 6 years. All of our classes are planned and designed to suit dancers with various levels of experience. Our class grades are : Absolute Beginners, Beginners, Improvers, Easy Intermediate, Intermediate. During Covid lockdowns the classes were online, via Facebook and zoom. I also ran classes in local parks for groups of 10 dances when allowed to exercise in groups of 10. These classes were moved to suitable indoor venues when lockdown restrictions eased. Currently teach 13 hours per week, 10 linedance classes a week, at 5 venues.

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