Sharpen your mind playing this time-honoured game of strategy. "With my years of teaching Mahjong experience, I guarantee you will learn to play the game. Once you have acquired the skill, you will enjoy and play the game for many many years to come." Mahjong is the quintessence to the Chinese, as cricket to the British. Learn the rules and expand the hand you play: Beginners Level 1: Start here, learning Eastern style Mahjong. Beginners Level 2: further develop the hand you play and learn Western style. After two terms as a beginner, join our Social players. *Please note if you are a first time beginner, please enrol in Beginners Level 1. If you have already completed a term of Mahjong with us, please enrol in Beginners Level 2. If you have not studied under Ron Yap before, please contact the Centre for further information.