Music and Movement

These joyful, playful and expressive Music and Movement classes for children have a proud history of successfully running for over 30yrs at the North Sydney Community Centre.

The program focuses on the vital introduction of the children’s auditory, visual and physical responses to music, building on many of the multi-tasking skills required for instrumental playing. We listen, sing, and move expressively, creatively and rhythmically, we discover the wonders of sound and we use age appropriate instruments.

The classes are play based and experiential, enhancing the children’s innate understanding of music before the task based nature of instrumental learning commences. This also provides a solid platform for the child’s comprehensive development. The integrity of the program is still recognised by many families including professional musicians, who have enrolled their children for years.

About Jane Boyd

Jane was inspired and encouraged to study Early Childhood Music with Dr Bridges after taking her own children to Dee’s (Dr Bridges) classes over 25 years ago.

She has continued to study the teaching philosophies of Dalcroze and Kodaly ever since and has also participated in a number of Orff Schulwerk workshops.

Jane has a passionate belief in the importance of good Early Childhood Music Education having observed over many years the enormous developmental benefit that children gain from the program, not just musically, but comprehensively.

The combination of the Dalcroze philosophy of using the body as a primary connection to music, the Kodaly philosophy using the voice as the first instrument for aural training and the percussive influence of Orff Schulwerk have helped Jane create a model of teaching which both parents and children come to value very quickly. A large number of Jane’s students stay with the program until their second year of school gaining invaluable skills for ongoing instrumental study.

There is now a critical shortage of trained Early Childhood music educators. If you are a musician and would like to make one of the best contributions to music education, please visit the links given on Jane’s website