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Photography Intermediate

Course Overview

Focused on elevating your photography skills to the next level?

Photography Intermediate is crafted for individuals seeking a deeper understanding and creativity in the realm behind the lens.

Our curriculum spans various genres, encompassing Landscapes, Portraits, Night Photography, Sunrise/Sunset, Food, and more. Delving into the intricacies of camera functions and technology, we equip you with comprehensive knowledge.

This course serves as a stepping stone for those who aspire to advance to Advanced Photography, delve into business aspects, or pursue higher education at the university level. No prior courses are required to enroll, making it accessible to all levels of enthusiasts.

This course offers 10 hours of hands-on photography experience in the field, complemented by two 6-hour sessions providing in-depth feedback and theory discussions (split into three sessions of 2 hours each). The program concludes with a final 2-hour Post-Processing Class.Theory and Post Production sessions are conducted via Zoom, ensuring a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Course Breakdown
Week 1: Introduction to Photography and Camera Basics
  • Overview of essential photography concepts
  • Understanding camera settings and functions
  • Practical exercises to apply basic camera skills
Week 2: Photographing Landscapes
  • Techniques for capturing great landscapes in various settings
  • Styling and composition for landscape photography
  • Hands-on practice and feedback
Week 3: Architecture in the City
  • Exploring architectural photography
  • Composition techniques for urban settings
  • Field trip to photograph city architecture
Week 4: Show and Tell Evaluation Session
  • Review and discussion of participants' work from previous weeks
  • Constructive feedback from the instructor
  • Guidance on improvement and refinement of techniques
Week 5: Postproduction using Photoshop
  • Introduction to Photoshop for post-processing
  • Basic editing techniques for enhancing images
  • Hands-on practice and guidance on photo enhancement
Week 6: Portrait Session
  • Portrait photography fundamentals
  • Lighting techniques for portraits
  • Practical portrait session with models
Week 7: Night Photography Session
  • Techniques for capturing compelling night scenes
  • Understanding low light settings and long exposures
  • Practical night photography session
Week 8: Show and Tell Evaluation 2
  • Review and discussion of participants' work from recent weeks
  • Advanced feedback and recommendations
  • Preparation for the final presentation
Week 9: Final Presentation Session
  • Culmination of the course with a final presentation
  • Participants showcase their best work
  • Closing remarks, certificates, and future photography opportunities discussed
Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Photography Intermediate runs from Wednesday 8 May to Wednesday 3 July.


Participants are required to bring along an SLR camera with the following accessories if you have them: a tripod, spare battery and a spare memory card. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring along wet weather gear, just in case.

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