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Ink and Watercolour Sketching for Beginners

Course Overview

A fun workshop class jam-packed with sketch info and tips.

This workshop is designed to provide beginners with a solid foundation in ink and watercolour sketching techniques. You will learn a range of essential skills to kickstart your creative journey.

Groups are kept relatively small, meaning you are given one-on-one personal attention and allows the class to be interactive. 

The session will cover the basics for getting started in ink and watercolour sketching: 

–        Art Materials we use

–        How to draw without fear

–        Discovering watercolours, how they differ from other paints and how to employ their various techniques

–        How to sketch objects so they don’t look flat and child-like

–        Create an interesting composition.

–        What makes a good sketch and how to make sketching easier


All the materials needed, are provided on the day and should you wish to carry on sketching, a list of art supplies will be available for you to take home. 

Anna will guide you through the process of drawing, providing personal tips and tricks to help you overcome any artistic insecurities. You will gain an initial understanding of watercolours and their various application techniques, allowing you to create your own style sketches. Discover the joy of sketching and how it makes you feel. Aside from developing a new skillset, you will discover how the act of sketching becomes a mindfulness practice, how it helps you to focus and relax. By the end of the session, you will have gained a wealth of sketching wisdom and knowledge to get you started on your creative journey. You will walk away with a new level of confidence

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Anna Barr

About the tutor

Anna Barr

Anna Barr is an urban/travel sketcher. She has been sketching for over 6 years.  She is essentially self-taught having developed her skills through experience and practice. Her passion for sketching is evident in her teaching, where she enthusiastically loves to share her tips and tricks with students. She runs group classes, zoom sessions and workshops through her school Justsketchnow.

Anna believes everyone can sketch, it is a skill that can be learnt and developed without artistic talent. She teaches using a limited set of art supplies – an ink pen, watercolours, a brush and watercolour paper. There are no mistakes and wonky lines are encouraged! You will be proudly sketching after a couple of hours.

There is no fussy set-up or pack-down, expensive costs or time investment associated with sketching, as it is quick, spontaneous, and very portable. Take your sketchbook wherever you go. A great way to record places, moments, and memories - It will become your best friend!

Her classes are informal, fun and friendly. They promote an excellent escape for the busy mind. Anna sees sketching as a kind of meditation, when stress melts away! By accessing the right side of the brain, your sense of wellbeing as well as your creativity and confidence will flourish.





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