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Introduction to Watercolours

Course Overview

Watercolour is a medium of great subtlety and power!

This condensed 4-week course offers insights into the techniques of this beautiful form of expression. Learn the basics of working with watercolours including the use of watercolour pencils, colour mixing, brushes and paper choices and undertake various exercises to become comfortable with the medium. Embrace a variety of subject matter from still life to landscape and portraiture using a loose style that utilises the transparency and fluidity of the watercolour medium. 

Course Breakdown

Week 1: students focus on dry application techniques using a toucan as their subject matter. They explore the medium of watercolours, work with vibrant colours, and use light and shadow to define forms. Students also work on a simple landscape or grove of trees, building up depth and layering paint.

Week 2: Continue with dry application techniques, this time using shells as the subject matter. Students concentrate on exploring tones of colour and shading using watercolours and pen.

Week 3: shifts to wet application techniques, where students paint a cat, a still life, and a Tuscan landscape. Students learn to control the paint on wet paper, a key aspect of wet application techniques.

Week 4: continues with wet application techniques, focusing on creating images of Venice with suggestions of atmosphere and using smaller brushes to define detail. Students also work on a maritime scene, mixing and diluting colour to create different effects.

The course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of watercolour techniques and materials, as well as hands-on practice and skill development through various projects.

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Introduction to Watercolours runs from Friday 7 June to Friday 28 June.


By the end of the course, students will likely have gained a solid understanding of watercolour painting techniques and materials, developed their skills in creating watercolour paintings, learned how to create a range of visual effects with watercolours, and have the ability to create original watercolour works with their own personal style. 

Materials List
  • Watercolour tray
  • Watercolour pencils and paints
  • Watercolour paper or cartridge paper 150gram or more
  • HB Pencils
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Richard Byrnes

About the tutor

Richard Byrnes

Richard is a practising artist, having held 23 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Having extensive teaching experience to draw upon, he is committed to teaching sound drawing and sculpture techniques in ways that are clear and accessible. His core belief is that art should be exciting and joyous. Richards works are included in the National Gallery, University of NSW, Artbank, Macquarie University and various regional gallery collections. His public sculpture commissions can be seen in North Sydney, Marrickville and Macquarie University. He is represented by the Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney.

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