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Palette Knife Painting

Course Overview

Take the plunge and try something new!

This palette knife painting workshop is suitable for all skill levels, you can be an absolute beginner wanting to plunge into the art world and try out a painting class or be an experienced artist wanting to explore a new painting technique to enrich your abstract painting. 

This workshop will take you through the basics from using a palette knife (used for mixing and applying paint) to creating your own piece of art using awesome abstract painting effects with an experimental approach. 

You will learn the techniques behind the tool and plenty of tips and tricks.

You will leave this workshop feeling confident in developing your new painting technique along with an excitement towards creating a brand new work of your own!

If you have a special knife, canvas and selection of paints you wish to paint with you are more than welcome to bring them along. A selection of paints, knives and boards will be provided at the class.

Materials List
  • If you have a special palette knife, selection of paints or canvas you love you are more than welcome to bring them along.
  • Optional apron or smock




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Jacqueline Molina

About the tutor

Jacqueline Molina

I am a passionate palette knife painter and tutor with 7 years of tutoring experience. I love teaching others the joy of painting with this unique and expressive medium. In the workshops, I teach the basics of palette knife painting, including getting the students to experiment with the different shape knives, discuss their experience using the different shapes, we touch on different acrylic impasto paints, how to create different textures and effects, and advantages of varnishing a painting and types of varnish. I have held workshops in:Asuncion, Paraguay – 3 Day Creativity workshopAdelaide, SA – Palette Knife Painting workshopFlinders Island, Tas – Palette Knife Painting, Artist in ResidenceSydney & Clifton, NSW – Palette Knife Painting and Finger painting workshops

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