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Body Strength

Course Overview

Transform your body and improve your posture with this dynamic and innovative course.

Combine functional body movements with the use of props like weights, yoga blocks, and balls to strengthen your upper body, feet, and legs while enhancing your balance and coordination.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Aware of their posture, placement of feet, core

Week 2: Moving with co-ordina-on of arms and legs

Week 3: Introduc-on of resistance such as small dumbbells

Week 4: Awareness of knee tracking, engaging particular muscle groups 

Week 5: Usage of weights, balls, and blocks, to understand alignment

Week 6: Standing on one leg performing various arm movements

Week 7: A full body control awareness

Week 8: Holding certain positions longer for strength and endurance

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Body Strength runs from Monday 29 April to Monday 1 July.

Course Outcomes

Learn to understand the muscle groups which need to be strengthened to maintain bone density through the resistance exercises. In each class, you will feel stronger and fitter as the body is moved in functional directions.

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