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Fit and Fab

Course Overview

Fit & Fab is a low-impact, joint-friendly, music-based group fitness workout.

There are NO jumping moves, pivot turns, or quick directional changes in this class.

Perfect for anyone easing their way back to a fitness routine, anyone just starting their fitness journey, or anyone wanting to remain active and mobile, but at a less intense and long cardiovascular pace.

There is NO mat ( lying on floor ) component in this class. 

Music used has been specifically designed for this particular course, so expect music from the 50’s to the 80’s. 

This class has 3 main components. 15minutes of easy to learn, fun dance routines. 15minutes standing strength / balance exercises using hand weights. 15minutes core and mobility exercises seated in a chair. End the hour with stretches. 

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Learn 4 single song dance routines. Standing strength exercises using hand weights. Core and mobility exercises using a child play ball , whilst seated in a chair . 

Week 2: Same as week 1 

Week 3: Same 4 single song dance routines , but different standing strength exercises, and different seated core and mobility exercises. 

Week 4: Same as week 3 

Week 5: Focus is more on bone health. Resistance bands will be used , as will as hand weights.

Week 6: Learn 4 DIFFERENT single song dance routines. Different standing strength exercises, and different seated core and mobility exercises. 

Week 7: Same as week 6 

Week 8: Same 4 single song dance routines. Different standing strength exercises , and different seated core a mobility exercises

Week 9: Same as week 8 

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Fit and Fab runs from Monday 29 April to Thursday 27 June (depending on the class you attend).


Students who attend a Fit & Fab course regularly, can expect: 

  • Fun and socialisation 
  • Enhanced mood and self confidence 
  • Improved cardiovascular, and bone health 
  • Improved sleep 
  • Improved brain power
  • Improved balance, coordination and multitasking skills
Material List
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes so you can move easily
  • Water bottle
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