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Tai Chi for Health - Beginners to Intermediates

Course Overview

Explore the principles and theory of Tai Chi, learn the method of movements throughout the Tai Chi body, and understand how these movements are integrated into Forms.

Regular practice of these movements promotes numerous health benefits.

Course Outline:

1. Warm-Up Routine: Each session begins with a gentle warm-up to prepare the body.

2. Theoretical Principles Discussion: We will discuss a key theoretical principle of Tai Chi.

3. Applying Principles to Movement: Students will practice a movement that embodies the discussed principle.

4. Integrating Movements into Forms: We will continue practicing this movement as part of a Tai Chi Form.

5. Q&A Session: Each class will conclude with a Q&A to address any questions and enhance understanding.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Warm ups, theory introduction, body alignment starting with centreline, Opening move in Form, directional movements,Tai Chi Walk, Q&A

Week 2: Warm ups, refresh centreline, directional movements,Tai Chi Walk, Opening Form plus next move, Q&A

Week 3: Warm ups, refresh Week 1 and 2 plus next move, Q&A

Week 4: Warm ups, refresh Weeks1-3, plus next move(s) Q&A

Week 5: Warm ups, refresh Weeks 1-4, plus next move(s) Q&A

Week 6: Warm ups, refresh Weeks 1-5, plus next move(s) Q&A

Week 7: Warm ups, refresh Weeks 1-6, plus next move(s) Q&A

Week 8: Warm ups, refresh Weeks 1-7, plus next move(s) Q&A

Term Dates

Term 3 runs from Wednesday 24 July to Wednesday 11 September 

Learning Outcomes:

- Develop a greater awareness of the mind/body connection through Tai Chi movement principles.

- Learn methods of stretching and movement within Tai Chi Forms to promote better health.

- Master individual movements and complete Forms over time.

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Paul Pryce

About the tutor

Paul Pryce

Paul has been teaching and leading classes in Lohan Qi-Gong and Shibashi Tai Chi since June 2019; these twice weekly classes were held on Wednesday mid-day and Saturday mornings. 

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