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Brazilian Portuguese Travel Workshop

Course Overview

Brazil is a beautiful, fun, big and diverse country and Brazilians are very welcoming people and also great hosts.

Whether you’re looking into going to Brazil for holidays, to visit friends or go on a business trip, this workshop will give you some insights into the language, the country and the culture. 

We’ll cover some elementary level of Brazilian Portuguese by learning some greetings and some travel vocabulary, practicing speaking some Brazilian Portuguese and familiarising with what the language sounds like. We’ll talk about the culture, some basic etiquette, some dos and don’ts and some ‘false friends’ which are the words that sound similar to something in your language but mean something completely different in another one.

In this workshop we’ll also talk about some cultural experiences, such as going to restaurants and pubs and ordering food and drinks, going to the beach, going to city centres, touristic places and famous landmarks. We’ll discuss the best means of transportation whilst in Brazil as a tourist, some tips on safety and street smarts to make sure you enjoy your time in Brazil. 

We’ll also talk about some of the most famous places in Brazil, where to go and what to do. When in Rio what would you like to do, where would you like to go? Is seeing the famous Christ the Redeemer statue on your list? Or perhaps chilling on Copacabana beach or hang gliding over the city is more your thing? Feel free to join in our conversation, ask questions, share some thoughts and experiences.

With such a large and diverse country like Brazil, you’d be spoiled for options of what to do and where to go whilst there!

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lara Leão Ghadiminejad

About the tutor

lara Leão Ghadiminejad

Iara is originally from Belo Horizonte, the capital city of the state of Minas Gerais (known for its food and coffee) in Brazil. She began teaching Brazilian Portuguese in 2009 in the United States while she was doing her Master’s degree. Since then, Iara has had the opportunity to teach a wide range of students, always accomodating their needs and goals in learning the language.

In 2020, Iara published a book entitled ‘Doing Business in Brazil: a guide to the language and the culture’. In this book, she introduces the basic knowledge of the Brazilian Portuguese language and also presents facts about the Brazilian culture that should help readers to communicate and to understand Brazilians in verbal and non-verbal ways. Her approach to teaching is to get students to feel comfortable to speak the language. Students are encouraged to participate in class and are shown that it is perfectly normal to make a mistake while speaking a foreign language, and that that should never be a reason to make someone scared of learning. Iara believes in enjoying learning the language and having fun doing so!

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