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Greek Beginners

Course Overview

If you think Greek is not an easy language to learn, we’ll help you change your mind.

Starting from the alphabet and the pronunciation, we will slowly move on to building our first sentences and communicating in modern Greek before you know it.  

Whatever your motivation to learn, be it for upcoming travels to Greece, to sharpen your cognitive skills, increase your understanding of your own culture… or just have fun, begin your journey here! 

From the exhilaration of understanding a new concept to the frustration of not being able to grasp a particular rule, within small classes tutors take time to explain concepts and make learning a language fun. 

Course Breakdown

Week 1: counting from 21 to 100, ordering in a restaurant, useful expressions to slow down native speakers.

Week 2: means of transport, adverbs of time, asking for directions, impersonal verbs and personal pronouns.

Week 3: giving and understanding simple instructions, imperative forms, genitive and accusative case in nouns, numbers from 101 to 1,000.

Week 4: the days of the week, telling the time, particles, pronouns and word order.  

Week 5: making travel arrangements, asking road directions, numbers from 1,001 to 10,000. 

Week 6: enquiring about rooms, making comparisons, making hotel reservations.

Week 7: explaining a problem with your room, checking in and checking out, negative phrases and double negatives.

Week 8: buying things, asking about prices, the colours in Greek, talking about future actions. 

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Greek Beginners runs from Wednesday 8 May to Wednesday 26 June.

Course outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Order in a restaurant.
  • Ask for directions.
  • Make travel arrangements.
  • Tell the time.
  • Enquire about hotel rooms.
  • Make reservations. 
  • Explain a problem with your room.
  • Enquire about prices.
  • State preferences.
  • Count from 21 to 10,000.
  • Understand some aspects of the Greek culture.
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Roy Gerente

About the tutor

Roy Gerente

Roy was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied Italian language and literature and has a master’s degree in teaching. She moved to Australia in 2017. She channels her love and passion for her country by sharing her knowledge of the Greek language and culture with people. Greece is a state of mind, a collection of sensations, colours, tastes and sounds that bring people together in a very special way. Starting from the basics and learning how to communicate in simple everyday situations will help students prepare for a journey in Greece, learn the language of their ancestors or stimulate their brain with a completely different language. In Roy’s class, students are encouraged to participate in a fun and relaxing environment where mistakes are welcomed as friends. 


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