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Discover Japan Series 4: Learning Japanese Through Japanese Culture & Festivals

Course Overview

Are you interested in Japanese language and culture? If so, "Discover Japan" is the perfect starting point for you!

This course is designed for students with little to no knowledge of Japanese. Whether you're motivated to learn a new language or simply love shopping, eating out, or traveling to Japan, this course has something for you!

Unlike traditional textbook-based courses, "Discover Japan" takes an interactive approach. Prepare to have a lot of fun as we explore the Japanese language through its rich culture. Over a span of four weeks, you will learn essential Japanese pronunciation, greetings, basic conversation skills, and delve into the vibrant world of Japanese festivals.

Through this course, you'll discover both the annual festivals celebrated nationwide and the famous regional festivals. These festivals hold great significance in Japanese culture and language, as they showcase customs and historical backgrounds. Join us on this exciting journey to uncover the heart and soul of Japan!

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Learning basic Japanese pronunciation, greetings, how to introduce yourself and dates and days of the week. Exploring festivals held during spring time in Japan.

Week 2: Learning how to ask and answer questions. Exploring festivals held during summer time in Japan.

Week 3: Learning some adjectives to describe feelings and tastes. Exploring festivals held during autumn time in Japan.

Week 4: Learning basic conversation skills & seeking information. Exploring festivals held during winter time in Japan.

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Discover Japan Series 4 runs from Tuesday 11 June to Tuesday 2 July.


By the end of this course, you will have acquired fundamental conversation skills in Japanese, enabling you to:

  • Confidently greet others in Japanese
  • Introduce yourself effectively
  • Express dates and days of the week in Japanese
  • Pose and respond to simple questions
  • Follow basic directions
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of Japanese culture and festivals.


"Motoko is an excellent sensei with an easy, friendly teaching style. We will be doing more of her classes."

"I recently attended a Japanese for travellers class taught by Motoko Christensen. Motoko san is a brilliant teacher and 2 hours went so fast and was so enjoyable. The course covered correct pronunciation, expressions to greet people, purchase tickets to travel by train, entry to museums etc plus counting to be able to deal with currency. We discussed places to visit in Japan, types of travel, using the JR Pass and also helpful tips on etiquette at shrines and temples."

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Motoko Christensen

About the tutor

Motoko Christensen

Hello - I am Motoko!I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and came to Sydney where I studied linguistics and education. I completed a BA DipEd and Master of Applied Linguistic at Macquarie University and obtained my PhD from UNSW.My passion for teaching Japanese reflects a long-standing history of teaching that spans more than 40 years, both in Australia as well as overseas. I have a wide range of teaching backgrounds: from pre-school age to university students and mature aged adults. I love traveling, cooking, watching movies, music, yoga and the list goes on!In my class, students can relax and be encouraged to participate as the classes are interactive, focusing on studentsu2019 motivation and well-being!

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