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Spanish Beginners Level 2

Course Overview

Take the next step in your Spanish language journey with our Beginners Next Step course, offering a seamless transition from basic skills to practical conversations, expanding your proficiency in a supportive and interactive learning environment.

Having learnt the basics, students undertake a further 2 terms in a Beginners’ Next Step class and before moving on to the pre-Intermediate level. This course helps you to develop your fluency and conversation skills in a range of contexts and builds your vocabulary to levels which will allow you greater experience and appreciation of the culture and its people. This course assumes previous language study in Spanish (through completing Beginner 1 Level).

In each session there will be great emphasis given to pronunciation (in groups and pairs), which will enhance one’s fluency for communicating in Spanish.

Additional resources may be used (eg: music, video etc.) where available and where suitable for the needs of the class.

Course Breakdown 

Week 1: Introduction to the verb ´To be’ in Spanish. SER. Describing looks

Week 2:  How to ask questions. Describing personality. Telling the time 

Week 3: Days of the week, Months of the year. 

Week 4: ‘Introduction to the verb ´To be’ in Spanish. ESTAR. The weather

Week 5: Prepositions of place. How to ask for directions. Moving around a city

Week 6: Vocabulary of shops and places of interest

Week 7: Present of the regular verbs. Routine.

Week 8: Review of previous weeks’ material

*Subject to changes depending on number of students and other factors

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Body Conditioning runs from Friday 10 May to Friday 28 June.


Build up grammar knowledge.

Speak more confidently with correct pronunciation and extended vocabulary.

Able to have basic topic-based conversations. 


"The Beginner Spanish class with Marilo was really good thank you. Marilo is a fab teacher, she explains everything well and is very connected to her students and their abilities."

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