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Spanish Beginners Level 1

Course Overview

Embark on your exciting journey into the Spanish language with our Beginners course, designed to make learning accessible and enjoyable, ensuring a solid foundation for your language exploration.

This Spanish Beginners course is an introduction course to the Spanish world.  It is design to give the student a first contact with the Spanish language and aims at building their confidence with practical issues such as greeting people, ordering food, buying items, etc.

We will teach you many useful phrases and expressions, especially if you are thinking of travelling to a Spanish speaking country. Not only that, but it will give you much of the fundamental grammar of the language and get you speaking from day one.

New students undertake 2 terms at this level, before transferring to a class at the next level (no previous knowledge is needed). The only material you need to bring to class is pen and paper.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction of the use of the Spanish language in the world. General knowledge of customs, culture, etc.Spanish alphabet (pronunciation). Greetings

Week 2: Basic practical conversation. Introducing yourself, etc

Week 3: Gender and number. Definite/indefinite articles. Vocabulary of foods

Week 4:  Eating out. Cardinal numbers

Week 5: Use of how much/how many. Grocery shopping

Week 6: Colours. There is/There are

Week 7: Clothes shopping

Week 8: Review of previous weeks’ material

*Subject to changes depending on number of students and other factors

Term Dates

Term 2 runs from Wednesday 8 May to Wednesday 26 June

Term 3 runs from Friday 26 July to Friday 13 September

Term 4 runs from Wednesday 16 October to Wednesday 4 December


After this course students will be able to communicate in a basic but effective way in any Spanish speaking country. In addition, they will better appreciate the Spanish culture, its geography, and customs.


"The Beginner Spanish class with Marilo was really good thank you. Marilo is a fab teacher, she explains everything well and is very connected to her students and their abilities."

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Guillermo Troncoso

About the tutor

Guillermo Troncoso

Guillermo is a passionate, dedicated and experienced native Spanish tutor with a proven track of fostering educational success. With over 30 years of teaching experience in Australia and overseas, he has demonstrated commitment to life-long learning, student centered education and differentiated learning. 

Guillermo has conducted one-to-one and group tutoring for a diverse range of students increasing not just their proficiency in Spanish but also their interest for the people and cultures of Spanish speaking countries.  he develops supportive, engaging and safe learning environments where he promotes, encourages and praises progress. Guillermo draws upon his own experience as well as those experiences from his students to create contextualised and captivating learning situations.


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