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Bridge Beginners

Course Overview

Embark on a journey of strategic thinking and social engagement by enrolling in our Bridge course!

This course covers the important introductory information about contract bridge to enable you to play a reasonable bridge game with your partner.

Bidding basics

How to evaluate your hand of 13 cards, what you need to open the bidding in a suit contract and a notrump contract, points needed to respond to your partner’s opening bid at several levels, responding without a suit fit, points needed to overcall opponents, simple system conventions including Stayman, transfers, jump bids and asking for aces.

Principles of card play

Play in Notrumps: counting tricks, establishing long suit tricks, what is a finesse, leading honours, keeping control of suits.

Play in Suit Contracts: counting losers, drawing trumps, establishing suits, dealing with unbalanced distribution.

Defence: the opening lead, which card in partner’s suit, agreed leads and signals, second hand play, discards, counting the cards during play.

Partnership understanding

One of the most important aspects of bridge play and yet often overlooked or underplayed.

We discuss system simplicity, being supportive, dealing with disasters at the table and moving on, understanding duplicate bridge competition, and being a good dummy. Remember bridge is for fun, enjoyment and mental stimulation -and never forget you and your partner are on the same side!

Term 2 for Bridge Beginners runs from Thursday 2 May to Thursday 6 June

Materials List

Students are welcome to bring a pen/pencil and notpad/paper to take notes if they wish.

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