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Solo Jazz Steps for Swing Dancing (New Class)

Course Overview

This is a Swing dancing class that will introduce Solo Jazz movement to your repertoire!
In this 5 week course you will learn several authentic, vernacular Jazz steps which can be used while social dancing. The class is rooted in Lindy Hop, a specific style of Swing dancing from the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, NYC. A wonderfully common characteristic of the Lindy Hop was to have "Breakaways" where the partnership released hands and danced independently, yet still in sync. The solo Jazz steps were pulsing, rhythmic and allowed the dance to beautifully expand in exuberance. It is strongly recommended that you have a good foundation in Swing dancing and Lindy Hop prior to taking this class. 
This class is an Intermediate level. No partner is required.
Course Breakdown
Week 1: Introduction to Solo movement for Vernacular Jazz. Learn how to prepare the body and keep with the music.
Week 2: Collecting the essential Jazz steps. Learn the best steps which will be used for solo movement and breakaways.
Week 3: Fitting Jazz steps into familiar Lindy Hop moves. See how and when to place Jazz steps into partner dancing.
Week 4: Work on how to Lead and Follow breakaways and Jazz steps while social dancing. Everything is still communicated in the partnership.
Week 5: Mixing and Matching the many Jazz steps in your vocabulary while partner dancing.
Term 2 Dates
Term 2 for Solo Jazz Steps for Swing Dancing runs from Wednesday 1 May to Wedneday 29 May.
Learning solo movements, like the traditional Jazz steps of the Swing Era, strengthens a dancer's body coordination and mental understanding of the music. Jazz steps enhance one's ability to be musical and definitely adds fun and excitement to their social dancing. Breakaways are also a great addition to partner dancing, allowing more room for play and personal creativity. 
Material List
  • Wear comfortable clothing. You might break a sweat.
  • Wear supportive shoes that allow you to pivot and turn.
  • Always practice good hygiene and wash hands before and after class.


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Evita Arce

About the tutor

Evita Arce

Evita Arce is an internationally renowned Lindy Hop dancer and teacher who began Swing dancing in Austin, Texas in 1998. She then spent 2 years teaching in Los Angeles, California at 'The Dance Doctor' and u201c3rd Street Dance'. After moving to New York City in 2004 Evita joined the faculty of 'Dance Manhattan' teaching, performing and choreographing until 2015. Starting in 2005 Evita also began traveling around the world teaching at dance festivals, adding up to 37 far-reaching weekends per year. In 2015 Evita started her own online teaching website with dance partner Michael Jagger to sustain their global reach. Some of Evita's career highlights include competing on u201cSo You Think You Can Danceu201d (2007), choreographing and performing in u201cLet Freedom Swingu201d with Jazz at Lincoln Center at the Kennedy Center (2009), performing in u201cSWING!u201d the Broadway musical (2008-2009) and being a featured figure in the Swing documentary u201cAlive and Kickingu201d on Netflix (2016). Evita co-founded and directed Syncopated City, a Lindy Hop dance company, which was invited to present at the historic Jacobu2019s Pillow Inside/Out Stage (2012-2013). Evita has also danced for Caleb Teicher & Company since 2017, having performed in several acclaimed productions. Most recently, Evita is part of the creative team for 'SW!NG OUT ', a full length Lindy Hop show produced by The Joyce Theater in NYC September 2021 which still tours the United States. Over the course of the pandemic Evita continued to teach Lindy Hop, Charleston and solo Jazz dance online at

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