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Death Cafe

I think it’s almost easier to say what a Death Café is not….

 It’s not for bereavement support nor grief therapy.

It’s not a vehicle to promote any specific business, ideology or belief system.

There are no specific topics nor agendas. 

So, what should you expect… 

Death Café is an opportunity to chat in a relaxed and informal way about death and dying. The conversation can flow from personal stories to thoughts, reflections and questions about death. It is a time to listen as well and be respectful of others. And, to share a cup of tea or coffee, a piece of cake and, I hope, an egg sandwich.         

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Nicky Solomon

About the tutor

Nicky Solomon

I’m a Sydney based Civil Celebrant and have been conducting weddings and funeral services since 2007. I grew up in a family that avoided talking about anything unpleasant or unhappy (especially sickness and death) hence my interest in talking about these very topics. I was fortunate enough to do Zenith Virago’s Death Walker course in 2016 and conducted a community memorial service in 2017 at North Sydney Community Centre. I am looking forward to sharing what I know and facilitating a thought-provoking discussion.     


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