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Woodwork Demo

Join skilled woodworker David Searson as he showcases his craftsmanship and dedication to woodworking at our Open Day.

Witness the transformation of raw timber into beautifully crafted keepsake boxes as David demonstrates hand-tool finishing techniques and showcases works-in-progress.

Experience woodworking artistry and precision without power tools. Engage in conversation with David as he guides you through each step, offering insights into enhancing these pieces.

David Searson also has a stall at the Northside Produce Market, open every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 8am to 12pm

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David Searson

About the tutor

David Searson

David lives in St Leonards, is an active member of the Woodworkers Association of NSW, and has a small work space in Artarmon.

Living in a Sydney apartment himself, David will be focused on teaching people how to use basic tools, understand timber that's readily available locally, and how to cut, carve, sand, polish, and use tradtional finishes to create beautiful and lasting peices that you'll be proud to show to friends and family. 

David makes pieces of all sorts - his food-related items like cutting boards, spatulas, baker's tools etc are on sale at the Northside Produce Markets. Over many decades, he has also made things like a spinning wheel, several tables, various boxes, kitchen cupboards, book-binders tools, carved spoons, a Norwegian Fiddle, and he does the occasional restoration of antiques.


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