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Discover Japan: Language and Culture for the Beginners

Course Overview

This is a newly created Japanese language and cultural course, emerging from our popular 4 sessions of Discover Japan.

If you are interested in Japanese culture or food or traveling to Japan, the Discover Japan Course is a perfect starting point. You will learn a lot about Japanese customs, culture and language in a very relaxed and fun environment. For the language aspects, the emphasis is on speaking and listening and you will learn effective ways to communicate in Japanese. From day one you will be able to learn to speak in Japanese with your classmates. You will explore Japanese in many ways whilst building friendships in a vibrant, active and cheerful gathering.

Course Breakdown
Week 1: Introduction to Japanese language, basic greetings, introducing yourselves.
Week 2: Japanese food, numbers, ordering food
Week 3: Traveling in Japan: transport methods, time
Week 4: Traveling in Japan, where to stay, do’s and don’s in Ryokan
Week 5: Seasons, dates, public holidays
Week 6: Festivals, what to see, some unique festival events
Week 7: All about shopping, some interesting shops, adjectives
Week 8: Travel plans and tips

Course Outcomes
After this course, students will be able to communicate in basic but effective ways with limited knowledge of Japanese language. Students will have a better understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture and customs.

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Motoko Christensen

About the tutor

Motoko Christensen

Hello - I am Motoko, I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and came to Sydney where I studied linguistics and education. I completed a BA DipEd and Master of Applied Linguistic at Macquarie University and obtained my PhD from UNSW.My passion for teaching Japanese reflects a long-standing history of teaching that spans more than 40 years, both in Australia as well as overseas. I have a wide range of teaching backgrounds: from pre-school age to university students and mature aged adults. I love traveling, cooking, watching movies, music, yoga and the list goes on!In my class, students can relax and be encouraged to participate as the classes are interactive, focusing on students’ motivation and well-being!

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