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Free Check In & Tune Up Your Bicycle

Join Brads Bikes at Northside Produce Market for a Free Bike Check-Up!

A skilled bicycle expert guides you through a basic tune-up, covering everything from brakes to bells, to enhance the safety and comfort of your riding experience.

The session, provided on a first-come, first-served basis, includes a 10–15 minute check-up for each bike.

Please register your name at the stall on the day, and ensure your presence for your bike to receive attention.

Please Note: The bike mechanic can service only one bike per person.

While this service is valuable, it does not replace regular maintenance. For ongoing bicycle care, consider establishing a relationship with a bike service shop, especially if you are a regular rider or returning to cycling after an extended break.

Thanks to the support of North Sydney Council, this is a FREE service and no bookings are required.

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Brads Bikes

About the tutor

Brads Bikes

I started Brads Bikes to get involved in the love for cycling. The colour, culture and the personalities that shape the industry are legendary. Large numbers of people have flocked to discover or re-discover that cycling is not only fun but beneficial for our general wellbeing. The immediate problem is that you have to make sure that it is done safely.Thatu2019s why I wanted to get involved, helping people stay on the road or dirt longer, without the frustration of your bike unexpectedly breaking down, costing you more $$ than it should.Regular maintenance keeps you and your bike out and about longer, and reduces the risk of that dreaded rescue phone call.I would be happy to share in your bicycle journey and help you achieve the longevity in your investment and to obtain the maximum enjoyment out of your bike.

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Pedal Set Go

About the tutor

Pedal Set Go

Pedal Set Go is lead by two dynamic women, Li Ditlef-Nielson and Jules Lawrence who established the business in January 2019. 'Our vision is a happy, healthy and sustainable community where active transport is a normal part of the culture connecting people and place.' Pedal Set Go evolved out of Li's and Jules' desire to increase diversity and challenge perceived negative stereotypes of bike riders in Sydney. 'To achieve this, people need quality cycle education that delivers both knowledge and practical skills to challenge the misconceived fear of cycling.' 'Our aim is to cement cycling as a safe and city-friendly mode of transport for all.'

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