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Salsation & Salsa

Join our Open Day Free Event!

Ever wanted to try a Salsa class? Then this is your chance!

Join us for a taster class at North Sydney Community Centre on our Open Day!

Our professional Salsa instructor will get you moving with fun and active music! This class improves your overall strength and flexibility, increases your body’s range of motion, and takes your dance skills to the next level!

Get your feet and hips moving while your try 30 minutes of Salsa Shines and 30 minutes of Salsation. 



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Maria Zuykova

About the tutor

Maria Zuykova

I started dance at very early age in Russia. At the age of 19 I signed a contract with the Japanese entertainment company and worked for two years in Tokyo as a Stage Dance Performer. After moving to Singapore I started a Dance and Fitness Instructor career, since then I have amassed over 9 years of experience in teaching a variety of classes in Singapore, Japan and Australia. Several years ago I was recommended to go to some Latin dance classes to learn Salsa dancing and it quickly became a real passion of mine, I took more and more classes and eventually became an instructor after many years of live performances. I moved to Sydney in 2022 and since arriving here I have been teaching SalsationFitness, Zumba Fitness and Latin Dance lessons at Norths Fitness Cammeray. I enjoy teaching Australians as they are very open and have a great sense of musicality. Australian people have a real desire to improve and I find that very rewarding.

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