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Course Overview

Get ready to get your body moving!

Kangatraining is a mums and bubs class like no other. It’s a workout, designed especially for the postpartum recovery period.  

It’s your new mothers' group and babywearing class. The exercise program has been created by women’s health physiotherapists, midwives and babywearing consultants ensuring everything we do is completely post-natal safe. Your baby is worn during the class and is fully involved in the action unless they fall asleep, as most do. Not only will you regain physical strength and flexibility it’s also a great way to boost emotional wellbeing by meeting other local mums in a fun, relaxed environment.

The pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as correct posture are given special attention. As a Kangatrainer Carrie is fully trained in babywearing and can advise on the best safety practices, fittings and most comfortable carrying positions for you and your baby. 

The name ‘Kangatraining’ comes from ‘Winnie the Poo’ where the Kanga mother dotes on her playful and energetic baby joey Roo!

Every participant is required to complete a pre exercises health questionnaire.

  • If you don’t already own a suitable baby carrier I have plenty of hire options.  Hire is free.  I can also help you choose and try before you buy a carrier and have discounts available to you from our brand partners including Ergo, Manduca and Ankalia.
Term Dates

Term 3 runs from Friday 2 August to 6 September  


You will be confident in adjusting and fitting your carrier correctly at each stage, as your baby grows.  You’ll also learn many tips and tricks such as how to switch baby from front carry to back carry and how to breastfeed in the carrier. Pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles will be stronger and you’ll gain posture awareness to assist you in everyday life with a baby. You will have a new tool to use at home when your baby is unsettled and won’t sleep! 

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Carrie Wood

About the tutor

Carrie Wood

Hi my name is Carrie.I am from Scotland originally and Sydney has been home since 2012. Iu2019m a mum of two and Kangatrainer. I first heard about Kangatraining when I was pregnant with my first and was surprised to learn it was founded in Vienna. Iu2019d never heard of it but then Iu2019d never been to a baby expo or been looking for postnatal exercise classes. I was very keen to join a class but there wasnu2019t any close to me. After my first girl was born and I felt ready to get back into training. I joined a gym with an on-site creche. This didnu2019t suit me for so many reasons. Iu2019d have mum guilt for leaving her or she would be unsettled and Iu2019d have to take her out or Iu2019d be checking on her several times in the hour. I didnu2019t ever get much of a workout and when I did I worried that the exercises werenu2019t right for my postnatal body. Being trained in pre and postnatal pilates, I had some insight into the changes that needed to be made for a safe workout and this is what led me to train as a Kangatrainer specialising in babywearing fitness. My newest business partner was born in February 2020 and together we shared this awesome Kangatraining program to all the new mums. I provide a fun workout with your baby.

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