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Modern Self Defence (Workshop)

Course Overview

Looking for a fun way to stay fit, learn self-defence, and join a vibrant community?

Join us for an exciting 2-hour Workshop on Modern Self-Defence!

Our workshop, led by an ADF Navy PTI with vast military and martial arts experience, is perfect for everyone, from beginners to experienced individuals, focusing on fitness, self-defence, and community connection.

Many people imagine self-defence as traditional martial arts moves like eye gouging, throat strikes, or groin shots. These dangerous and often ineffective techniques rely heavily on perfect timing and luck. Modern self-defence, however, focuses on practical, real-world applications that are safe, effective, and accessible to everyone.

Why Attend?

Engaging and Fun: High-energy training to keep you entertained while learning.

Comprehensive Training: Practical self-defence techniques for real-life scenarios.

Fitness Boost: Improve your strength and flexibility.

Community Connection: Meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Inclusive for All Levels: Everyone is welcome!

Workshop Highlights

Real-Life Applications: Feel more confident and aware of your ability to protect yourself. Not only from one-on-one attacks but also from being knocked down, held down, having your clothing or body grabbed by a panicking person, crowd situations, etc.

Body Mechanics: Learn effective movement, base, posture, and structure. Learn how to create and deflect powerful impacts and break free from holds such as wrist grabs or bear hugs with correct mechanics.

Expert Instruction: Train with an experienced ADF Navy PTI and martial arts instructor who has taught military and civilian self-defence, from beginners to professional athletes.

What to Bring

- Comfortable athletic clothing. 

- Water bottle.

Join us and discover the effectiveness of modern self-defence.

We can't wait to welcome you!

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Zac Stanley

About the tutor

Zac Stanley

Zac is a former Australian Defence Force (ADF) Physical Training Instructor with over a decade of experience in coaching and training. He learned much of his instructing skill set during his time in the ADF, developing a disciplined and effective approach to physical training. After leaving the ADF, Zac committed to full-time coaching in martial arts, sharing his passion and expertise with others. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and an accomplished MMA competitor with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss, Zac brings a wealth of practical knowledge to his training sessions. His extensive background and commitment to excellence make him an exceptional instructor, capable of empowering individuals to achieve their personal safety and fitness goals.

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