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Stretch & Strength

Course Overview

Elevate your fitness routine with our Stretch and Strength course, designed to enhance flexibility and build core strength!

Stretch & Strength is a low impact form of exercise which concentrates on improving postural alignment, strengthening the body with an emphasis on core and trunk strength while improving flexibility and mobility. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. 

Emphasis is on posture, balance, flexibility, stability and mobility, you may do small, controlled moves that align, tone and lengthen the muscles in order to create a more balanced body. 

Suitable for people at all stages of life,

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Introduction, Education on anatomy of the core, Breathing Pilates Principles Teaching of core fundamentals. Gong Meditation

Week 2: Qi gong, feeling energy, moving energy, Grounding, Breath awareness, Purging stagnant energy, Gong Meditation,

Week 3: Pilates pelvic stability, Shoulder mobility and stability, Posture, Gong Meditation

Week 4: Feet work. Grounding, Pelvic Floor Training, Posture Core Strength, Gong Meditation

Week 5: Lower back health, Myofascial release, Core Strength, Gong Meditation

Week 6: Balance, Yoga sequence for early morning, Gong Meditation

Week 7: Brain Gym, Left and Right Brain Integration exercises, Energy protection and sealing your energy field, Breathing for stress relief, Gong Meditation

Week 8: Functional Movements, Postural Movements to realign postural deviations Lengthen tight short muscles and strength weak long muscles, Gong Meditation

Week 9: Qigong , anti-arthritic movements, Core strength, Gong Meditation

Term 2 Dates

Term 2 for Stretch & Strength runs from Tuesday 30 April to Wednesday 26 June (depending on the class you attend).

Please Note: week to week learning may vary term to term for seasonal variations and depending on who is in the session, injuries and or challenges of who is present.  

Course Outcomes
  • Skills acquired from Stretch n Strength includes:
  • Mobility and strength of all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion.
  • Opportunity to improve your posture and develop Postural Awareness.
  • Focus on the deep core muscles and opportunity to improve core strength.
  • Learn exercises to improve your balance to prevent falls 
  • To strengthen the deep stabilising postural muscles of the spine and trunk,
  • How to relax your nervous system and reduce stress by breathing and with the use of sound (Gong Meditation)
  • Increasing control and muscular balance of the back, pelvis, hips, neck and shoulders. 
  • Learn exercise for the treatment of back pain.

"I have been doing Heather’s Strength and Stretch class for about 5 years now. It has helped with my balance and flexibility. Heather is a caring teacher, aware of every students limits/injuries and resets the exercises to suit. My mental health has also benefitted from the calming meditation to finish the class." 

"Heather's positive energy brings a welcoming vibe to Stretch n Strength. She varies the routine for every class and offers advice on modifying the movements for individual needs. She is a caring and conscientious instructor, and I highly recommend her classes." 

"I highly recommend the Stretch and Strength class. The exercises allow me to strengthen my whole body. Heather is a wonderful teacher who pays attention to the needs of every student." 

"Beautiful Heather, who has a presence of kindness, caring and so many qualifications and expertise of ability to really understand how to strengthen each part of the body. Each week she focuses on a different part of the body with a different apparatus so by the end of the term there is more energy, flexibility and harmony. I came last year to her class after high recommendations of those who attended her class, after I had fractured my left shoulder and had surgery. Over the time I have more flexibility, strength and resilience. I recommend Heather as a wonderful, knowageable teacher creating a space of peace, light and harmony. I know you will also enjoy her classes." 

“Heather’s Stretch & Strength classes have helped my flexibility, as well as improving my posture and balance. Heather is particularly attentive and encouraging to each class member, and manages to make the exercises interesting, no mean feat! I really enjoy the classes and always leave feeling taller and stronger! “


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Heather Crowe

About the tutor

Heather Crowe

Passionate yogini, soul connector and spiritual explorer who is enjoying the discovery of the authentic self. She has been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching for more than 20 years. She loves the journey to a deep awareness and connection to all beings.Heather is honoured and grateful for the opportunities to impart the teachings of yoga and yoga philosophy with the community to enhance health and wellbeing for all, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while providing the opportunity and possibility to connect with universal energies.Heather has committed to training in many styles of yoga over the years. Her qualifications including Yoga Foundation 2003, Diploma in Hatha yoga 2006, Yoga Therapeutics 2006, Synchro Destiny with Deepak Chopra 2006, Kundalini Yoga Level 1 certified as taught by Yogi Bhajan 2008, Yoga teaches conference Koshas-unfolding the self 2008, Ki yoga certificate of recognition 2008, Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Training Level 2 2012, Seduction of spirit and 7 spiritual Laws with Deepak Chopra 2012.She has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body with qualifications in BPHED, Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, and a Master Personal Trainer. She enjoys learning, connecting and awakening awareness of the subtle energies and raising the vibration.Live in the love vibration. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

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