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Italian Beginners

Course Overview

Start your Italian language journey with confidence by enrolling in our Beginners course!

The focus will be on language in everyday situations, useful vocabulary and grammar and some cultural immersion. 

The course is enriched with audio-visual resources to consolidate the concepts presented and to discover cultural aspects of Italy. Students start speaking Italian from day one, practicing what they learn through role plays and conversation in class.

If you’re interested in traveling to Italy, sharpening your cognitive skills, improving your memory, increasing your understanding of the Italian culture, or just having fun, begin your journey here!

In a relaxed and fun environment, mistakes are used as a tool to learn. Friendships are built and community is celebrated in a vibrant and joyful space. 

Beginners - Monday 6:30-8:30pm

A class for those who have never studied Italian previously.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: the alphabet, pronunciation, greetings, introducing yourself. 

Week 2: spelling, “tu” and “Lei” forms, adjectives (nationalities), place of origin. 

Week 3: nouns, numbers from 1 to 20.

Week 4: verb stare, verbs in -are, asking one’s address and phone number.

Week 5: definite articles, asking about languages spoken, introducing someone. 

Week 6: verbs essere and fare, professions.  

Week 7: verb avere, numbers from 21 to 100, age.

Week 8: in a coffee shop, verbs in -ere.

Course outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Greet people upon arriving and leaving.
  • Introduce yourself and others.
  • Spell your name in Italian.
  • Ask how someone is doing and respond to a similar question.
  • Count in Italian.
  • Say your country and city of origin, address and phone number and ask others.
  • Talk about the languages you speak and your occupation.
  • Say your age and ask someone theirs.
  • Order in a coffee shop.
Beginners - Wednesday 1:00-3:00pm & 6:30-8:30pm 

A class for those who have completed at least 2 terms (16-32 hours) of Italian. 

Course Breakdown

Week 1: revision of material previously covered. 

Week 2: understanding hotel services and facilities and expressing one’s preference. 

Week 3: the verb potere, booking a hotel room.

Week 4: the verb venire, explaining a room issue to the hotel reception.

Week 5: prepositions combined with the definite article, understanding accommodation ads. 

Week 6: describing a holiday accommodation (house or apartment).

Week 7: months of the year, ordinal numbers, asking and writing a date.

Week 8: numbers from 100 to 1 billion. 

Course outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand hotel brochures.
  • Describe a hotel and a room.
  • Ask for information on accommodation.
  • Ask for and give timetable information.
  • Book a hotel room.
  • Complain about a hotel room.
Term Dates

Term 2 runs from Wednesday 1 May to Wednesday 19 June

Term 3 runs from Monday 29 July to Wednesday 18 September (depending on the class you attend)

Term 4 runs from Monday 14 October to Wednesday 4 December (depending on the class you attend)

Materiasl List
  • A pen and paper to make notes
  • Recommended: Book “Nuovo Espresso 1, textbook/workbook & interactive ebook” which is full of audio and video resources that students can use in class and at home.

"Studying Italian with Roy is such an inspiring and interesting learning experience. She has excellent knowledge of the language. She is passionate and enthusiastic in her teaching and is excellent at effectively explaining the use of the language. I always look forward to attending her class.”

"I have done a few different Italian classes at various venues - finding Roy is like winning the lottery. She is prepared for every lesson, however if a question comes up, she is able to explain and immediately give examples, such is her flexibility."

She is the warmest, most delightful person, being kind to people who need more of an understanding of the topic. She is admired and highly respected by our class. I cannot recommend her enough.” 

"I have been doing Italian Intermediate at NSCC for two years. It’s a lot of fun, the teacher is excellent, the students in the class are friendly. It’s the best way to learn a new language: fun, friendly, unintimidating."

Roy keeps it so fun and interesting and the class goes so quickly! Roy is worth her weight in gold.

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Roy Gerente

About the tutor

Roy Gerente

A passion for Italy and its culture took Roy on a life journey of exploration which started in Greece and led to her Italian citizenship. She studied Italian language and literature and obtained a master’s degree in teaching Italian to foreigners from the University of Venice. She taught Italian to adults and children for several years in group and individual settings. She has attended specialisation courses in Italy and worked in a corporate environment in Rome and Athens. In her class, students are encouraged to participate in a fun and relaxing environment where mistakes are welcomed as friends.

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