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Spanish Advanced Conversation

Course Overview

Elevate your Spanish fluency and cultural understanding by enrolling in our Advanced Conversation course, where engaging discussions and dynamic language practice await to take your language skills to the next level.

Once Pre-Intermediate students are comfortable with the language, these classes will further expand their knowledge and immerse them in a extended variety of contexts in which they might use the Spanish language. Chosen topics are current and attractive so the students can relate to them. Speaking now flows more naturally. The students are comfortable using colloquial expressions, slang and abbreviations. 

Discussions in groups and individual research are encouraged. Reading suggestions complement the classes (selection of books are available to borrow from teacher’s library).

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Arranging a meeting (Accepting/Rejecting)

Week 2: Comparing and contrasting

Week 3: Actions/events finished in the past

Week 4: Giving instructions, advice, and orders (imperative)

Week 5: Expressing conditions. Impersonal structures

Week 6: Talking about experiences/habits in the past

Week 7: Talking about the Future (Predictions). Expressing wishes (subjunctive)

Week 8: Review of previous weeks’ material

*Subject to changes depending on number of students and other factors

Term 2 for Spanish Advanced Conversation runs from Tuesday 7 May to Tuesday 25 June

Please Note: This course if held online via Zoom


Proficient grammar knowledge. Advanced vocabulary with improved pronunciation and vocabulary – topic-based conversations/discussions. Use conversational skills to solve problems, ask questions, to participate in exchange of views. 



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