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Early Morning Yoga

Course Overview

Begin your day on the right note, centring your mind, working your body and calming your emotions.

Learn the correct alignment for asanas, continuing practices as well as more advanced postures. Breath and focus, mind and body, emotions and spirit.

Practising hatha yoga with an Ashtanga base. This course caters to your individual needs. The focus of this small class is on each individual’s potential and limitations. All levels and all ages are welcome.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Beginners mind for all. Correct alignment for your own body. 

Week 2: Individual body awareness, limitations and capability.

Week 3: Building Strength and awareness

Week 4: Building Strength, focus and control

Week 5: Building Strength, focus and control, adding to your repertoire o Week 6: Building Strength, continuing previous learnings

Week 7: Building Strength, consolidating your individual practice

Week 8: Building Strength, focus on breath work

Week 9: Consolidating your practice. Relaxation and recovery 

Week 10: Consolidating your practice.

Term 2 for Early Morning Yoga runs from Wednesday 1 May to Wednesday 26 June


Learn about having a regular yoga practice in your everyday life, learn what your individual physical needs are, start a beginner's practice, stay for the benefits and leave knowing more about yourself and what you need to live a more joyful life physically, mentally and emotionally.

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