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French Advanced

Course Overview

This advanced French course is tailored to increase students' conversational skills through engaging in discussions on a wide range of topics from various media platforms such as television, digital platforms, newspapers, magazines, and podcasts.

Students will delve into current affairs, cultural trends, and social issues while honing their ability to decipher information, analyse various content critically, and articulate opinions effectively.

Through discussions, students will explore topics including but not limited to the arts, French music, literature, cinema, travel experiences, political developments, gender dynamics, and family dynamics.

Key components of the course include:
  • News and Current Affairs Analysis: Engaging in discussions about current events sourced from different media channels to foster critical thinking and informed opinions.

  • Cultural Exploration: Delving into various cultural topics such as literature, music, and cinema to broaden students' cultural knowledge and vocabulary.

  • Personal Expression: Sharing personal experiences and opinions on topics such as favourite holidays, political issues, gender equality, and family dynamics to encourage self-expression and confidence in conversation.

  • Grammar Advancement: Continuously learning and reinforcing complex grammar concepts that arise naturally during conversations, enabling students to express themselves with greater precision and accuracy.

  • Presentation and Debate: Providing opportunities for students to deliver presentations on topics of their choice, engage in debates, and defend their viewpoints, thereby refining their public speaking and argumentation skills.


By the conclusion of the 8-week program, students will emerge more adept at sustaining conversations on a wide range of real-life subjects, equipped with the confidence and linguistic skills to navigate diverse social and professional contexts in French-speaking environments.

Course Breakdown: 

Week 1: News of the week. Movies: “Films Oscarisés / Césarisés 2024”. 

Week 2: News of the week. The increase in popularity of the TV series.

Week 3: News of the week. “La charge mentale / la charge émotionnelle” – problems experienced by young couples with young children

Week 4: News of the week. “Récits de voyage” - recap your best trip.

Week 5: News of the week. “La chanson à texte” - the importance of the lyrics in the French songs of the 60s and 70s (Brel, Brassens, Ferré, Barbara,Ferrat). 

Week 6: News of the week. Discrimination in the work environment : “l’apparence au travail – un autre plafond de verre”.

Week 7: News of the week. Mental health issues: ADHD, OCD, anxiety – are we given the right diagnostic?

Week 8: News of the week. The obsession about staying young – the myth of Dorian Gray / les secrets de la peau”.

Term 2 for French Advanced runs from Friday 10 May to Friday 28 June

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Karima Mezoughem

About the tutor

Karima Mezoughem

Karima is a native French speaker with over 20 years teaching experience with Alliance Française, large corporations such as Thales and L’Oréal, and well know universities such as UNSW and Macquarie Uni. She is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher who offers a student-centered approach, tailoring her classes to suit individual requirements. Karima has a keen ability to assist students in perfecting their grammar, comprehension, and phrasing of arguments. She has a sound understanding of Francophone literature and culture and particularly values equipping students with the range of registers exhibited in the French language, including “argot” (slang). In her lessons, Karima is especially making use of her extensive skills acquired while providing editing and multi-lingual translating services for theater productions and professional writers. Above all, Karima makes learning French fun! There is a strong focus on conversation, where students are encouraged to participate without worrying about making mistakes; practice makes perfect!


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