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Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Course Overview

Step into a transformative realm of yoga excellence with our exhilarating Intermediate to Advanced Vinyasa Flow class!

Immerse yourself in a captivating fusion of dynamic asana, invigorating pranayama, and mindfulness, meticulously crafted to elevate not just your physical prowess but also your mental resilience. Unleash the power within as you sculpt strength, embrace flexibility, master balance, and command breath control.

This isn't just a class; it's a journey to unlock heightened awareness, laser-sharp focus, and an oasis of inner peace. Elevate your yoga experience and meet us on the mat — the next level awaits you!

Current North Sydney Council workers are eligible for discounted attendance, please contact Moquique to enrol

Term 2 for Vinyasa Yoga Flow runs from Thursday 2 May to Thursday 27 June

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Vivienne Duvall

About the tutor

Vivienne Duvall

Hi - I am Vivienne!I have worked for the North Sydney Community Centre since 2014 and I love being part of this growing community! I enjoyed Ballet from a young age and continued into jazz ballet and moved into teaching fitness classes from a young age. I started the Pilates and Reformer journey in my twenties and I still believe in lengthening and strengthening the body in a flow of movement. After practising Yoga for many years, I decided to start yoga training in which I incorporates the concept of expanding and giving the body mobility but more of the mind in a dance of flow. Finding a quiet place for my thoughts practicing Yin yoga. I like to create a safe and caring place where participants can explore their journey.I like to inspire others so students can be proud of what they can accomplish in the class. I have a Diploma in Sports & Remedial Therapies!

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